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I have difficulties to charge my battery to 100%. What could be the problem?


If you experience difficulty in charging the battery, or if the battery capacity has decreased over time, the following procedure might re-condition the battery:

  1. Unplug the computer from the AC adapter and turn it on. Let the computer run under battery power until the computer turns off, indicating that the battery is fully discharged.
  2. Remove the battery pack.
  3. Using a soft cloth, wipe off the battery packs connectors and the AC adapters connectors.
  4. Re-insert the battery pack.
  5. Plug the computer into the AC adapter and check the wall outlet, making sure the connection is firm.
  6. With the PC turned off, let the battery charge until the battery status light or icon glows green.
  7. Unplug the AC adapter.
  8. Remove the battery.
  9. Wait 30 seconds and re-insert the battery.
  10. Plug the AC adapter back in.
  11. Let the battery recharge until the battery status light turns green or the icon displays 100%.
  12. Now your battery should be fully charged. Unplug the computer from the AC wall outlet and turn on the PC. You should notice longer battery life.

All batteries hold less charge as they age. Over time, if you attempt to charge a battery and the battery charge indicator does not show a full charge, you may need to purchase a new battery.

For more information on using your PC's battery, refer to the chapter
entitled "Power" in your computer's Reference Manual.

If you would like to purchase an additional battery pack for a current PC model, please contact your Toshiba dealer. 

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