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Where to download dynabook Service Station, dynabook PC Information and dynabook Settings App?


I can not find particular applications in the dyanbook driver download portal. Where can I download the recent version of the factory pre-installed applications dynabook Service Station, dynabook PC Information, dynabook Settings App?





dynabook Service Station

dynabook PC Information 

dynabook Settings App 


You can download the recent version of dynabook Service Station, dynabook PC Information,
dynabook Settings App can be downloaded via the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store view of dynabook PC Information app

Please click the link below to access the Microsoft Store and to get the appropriate app:

  dynabook Service Station


  dynabook PC Information    


 dynabook Settings App



To get drivers and applications, which are not available via Windows Update or
Microsoft Store, please visit our dynabook driver download page.

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