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How to create a Dial-Up connection with 3G

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Please make sure that the 3G Wireless Manger was at least opened once, configured according to the used SIM and a connection is basically possible. This is also to make sure that the APN  is correctly set. If your SIM card is secured by a SIM PIN, it's required to either store the SIM PIN permanently into the SIM card or to unlock the device by an automatic SIM PIN input.

  1. The Wireless Manager has an option to store the SIM PIN permanently. Please consult the help file of the Wireless Manager for details.
    Everyone who gets physically access to the SIM card can use it, because the SIM PIN will be stored into the SIM card. Therefore, we do not recommend this option.

  2. It's also possible to input the SIM PIN automatically by configuring the 3G modem.
    Open the device manager and double click on "Toshiba F3507g Mobile Broadband Modem" or the "Toshiba Broadband (3G HSDPA) SM-Bus Minicard Modem"

  3. Under "Extra initialization commands" write " AT+CPIN="your SIM PIN" "

  4. Click OK

  5. Reboot

  6. From now one, the SIM PIN is input automatically during the boot up process and there should not be a request from the SIM PIN any more.

Please note:
The SIM PIN is not stored into the SIM card, so in case a not authorized person gets access to the SIM card, it's not usable for him.

Creating the (3G) Dial Up connection:

  1. Log on as Local Admin!

  2. Open the "Network and Sharing Center"

  3. Click on "Set up a connection or network"

  4. Click on  "Set up a dial up connection"

  5. Input the "Dial in String" into the "Dial-up phone number" field. For most carriers, the string  *99****1#  or *99#  will work. In case of dial in problems, please ask your SIM card provider for the Dial in String.

  6. Input "User name" and "Password". For most carriers, these fields can be left empty or filled with a dummy. However in case of  dial in problems, please ask your SIM card provider.

  7. Input a "Connection name" if you  like

  8. Check the "Allow other people to use this connection" checkbox

  9. Click connect

  10. Wait until a connection is made to make sure your settings are working.

Please note:
If the connection fails, please check you settings again or ask your SIM card provider (3G service provider) for the correct settings.


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