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How to update the Firmware to version E1.1.00 on the JournE Touch

    Additional Information:

This Firmware Update is only for models with following modelnumbers:

  • PX1530U-1ET1
  • PX1530E-1ET1 
  • PX1530M-1ET1


  1. Take an empty, fresh formatted SD card

  2. Download and unpack E1100-060510.ZIP

  3. Execute E1100-060510.exe and extract it to a SD card

  4. Remove ALL important content from JourneTouch

    Please note:
    Folllow the steps below to backup all personal content!!
    All data on the JournE Touch will be lost after upgrading the Firmware!!!

    To backup your personal data, please put in a sd card into the JournE Touch and save all data from the \journe touch\... folder and subfolders to the sd card.

    4a. Pictures:
    please choose this item

    - Select
    - Select All
    - Settings
    - Copy
    - SD Card

    4b. Music:
    please choose this item

    - Select
    - Select All
    - Settings
    - Copy
    - SD Card

    4c. Movies:
    please choose this item

    - Select
    - Select All
    - Settings
    - Copy
    - SD Card

  5. After you have saved all your data, press and hold the Power Button to shutdown the JournE Touch

  6. Attach the AC Adapter to your JournE Touch

  7. Insert SD-Card with the firmware upgrade in the SD Card slot of your JournE Touch

  8. Move the "Reset switch" to left and then to right again.

  9. Press and hold the Power Button to boot up

    "Updating..." is visible (This may take a few minutes)

  10. Calibrate the Screen. Please note: If you wait for more than 30 seconds, the calibration is not stored.

  11. Select your language
    (If you will be asked for a restart, please confirm with "OK")

  12. make your regional settings (Time Zone, Clock)

  13. Wait till the JournE Touch is ready with the installation

  14. Tab on the Arrow to go to the second page on the JournE Touch.

  15. Tab on the icon for the user manual

  16. A Message should appear, that new manuals are found on the SD Card. Click "OK" to install the manuals.

  17. After the manual have been installed, you can select your language to open your manual, or close the manual with the "x" on the left top on the screen.

  18. The Update is finished now

  19. Remove the SD Card from the slot, to avoid re-install of the firmware update

  20. Press and hold the "Power Button" and power off the JournE Touch.

  21. Press the "Power Button" again, to power the JournE Touch on again.

  22. [optional]
    Copy your backuped content back to your JournE Touch.

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