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How to make a backup and restore by using the "NTI Backup Now EZ" software?

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NTI Backup Now EZ


To make a backup and restore of your hdd with the "NTI Backup Now EZ" software, please follow the steps listed below:

We recommend to download and install the latest version of the "NTI Backup Now EZ" by using this link:

  1. Installation of the "NTI Backup Now EZ" Software

    • Start the setup.exe and choose your prefered language, then press "OK"

    • The installtion will be prepared

    • After the preparation, the setup can be started. Press "Next" to proceed

    • You need to accept the license agreement and then press "Next"

    • Now you can choose the format of your Backup HDD (in this example we select FAT32) and then press "NEXT"

    • Choose the installation folder for the Backup software, where you want to install it and press "NEXT"

    • After the installation has finished, you need to reeboot your PC. Please click "Finish" to reboot.

    • The software is now installed. Please proceed with the Backup (Step 2)

  2. Backup your PC to your external HDD

    • Start the EZ Backup Software

    • Click on "Modify" in the "Complete System Backup" Area

    • Select "Destination Capacity Alert" and you can set a password if you want. After this, click "Finish"

    • To start the Backup, click "Yes"

    • After the Backup is finished, you will be notified by the software.

  3. System Restore

    • Boot from your USB HDD, where the Backup is stored (on Toshiba notebooks, press F12 to enter the Boot devices menu and select USB)

    • After the HDD has booted up, you will get a Restore Screen. Select your restore point and press "Restore" to start.

    • Be sure, that all your data from the PC is saved! The Restore will erase the HDD! Click "ok"

    • Now the restore is running...

    • After the Restore is finished, click "ok" to reboot your PC

    • Now your PC is in the same state as when you did the Backup.

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