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When I move the mouse, the pointer does not move or stops moving after a short time.

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RF Laser Mouse - PX1326E-1NAC
Wireless Mouse - PX1215E-2NAC


If there is a mouse pointer on the screen, but it does not move or stop moving, first check if the problem is the mouse or the computer. If you are using a cordless mouse, try replacing the batteries and move the receiver closer to the mouse or trackball.

Next, verify it is not a defective unit. You can do this by trying it on another system or by trying another mouse on your current system. If it fails on another system, chances are high it is defective. In that case, please contact customer support to inquire about a warranty.

If the mouse works fine on another system, or another mouse works fine in the port your mouse is connected to, then it may be a configuration issue. When this happens, verify the keyboard still works by pressing the "Caps Lock" key. If pressing the "Caps Lock" key does not change the Caps Lock indicator, the whole system may be locked up. In cases where the computer system is locked up, it maybe a general system issue. However, if the keyboard functions at the time the mouse cursor stops moving, verify the status of a Toshiba entry in Device Manager.

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Windows Vista 32 Bit, Windows XP
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