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TOSHIBA HDD Password summary

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What you need to know about TOSHIBA HDD Password.


Toshiba highly recommends the customer to fully understand what HDD Password is and once registered please keep your "PASSWORD" in a safe place.
For more information about the TOSHIBA HDD Password, please refer to the detailed resolution below.


Toshiba highly recommends the customer to fully understand what HDD Password is and once registered please keep your "PASSWORD" in a safe place.

Your HDD password is different from your BIOS Password. Your BIOS Password is stored in the computer, but your HDD Password is stored in the HDD unit itself. So even the HDD unit is removed from one computer and attached to another, the HDD password is required to access it.

HDD User Password and HDD Master Password:
There are two levels of the HDD Password, the HDD User Password and the HDD master Password. If both levels of HDD Password have been registered, you can access the HDD by entering either of them. TOSHIBA Password Utility (TPU) only supports the HDD User Password. If you want to register both, open BIOS SETUP.
If the HDD User Password has been registered, the HDD Master Password can not be registered.

HDD Password operation on TOSHIBA Password Utility:
When you are going to set the BIOS User Password on TPU, you can simultaneously set the same string as the HDD User Password.
Even if the computer has more than one HDD, only the operation for the internal 1st HDD is supported by TPU.

HDD Password operation on BIOS SETUP:
On TPU, only some operations for the HDD Password are available.
If you want to use all the operations, open BIOS SETUP. On BIOS SETUP, you can set/delete/change the HDD User Password without operating BIOS User Password. And you also can operate the HDD Master Password on it.

If you forget your HDD User Password, TOSHIBA will NOT be able to assist you, and your HDD will be rendered COMPLETELY and PERMANENTLY INOPERABLE. TOSHIBA will NOT be held responsible for any loss of data, any loss of use or access to your HDD, or for any other losses to you or any other person or organization resulting from the loss of access to your HDD.
If you can not accept these conditions, do not registere the HDD User Password.


Please Note:

  • Password Removal is not covered by Toshiba Standard Limited Warranty.
  • HDD Password is non removable, user must ensure that they have backed up their data.
  • Proof of Purchase must be provided to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider in order to remove BIOS, User or Supervisor Password


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