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Security Vulnerability Summary affecting dynabook products

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Portege R930, Portege Z930, Portege Z930-C, Portege Z930-K, Portege Z930-E, Portege Z930-E, Portege R930-F, Portege Z930-F, Portege Z930-B, Portege Z930-B, Portege R930-B, Portege R930-L, Portege R930-C, Portege R930-C, Toshiba WT310, Portege Z10T-A, Satellite Pro A50-A, Tecra A50-A, Toshiba WT310-K, Portege R930-K, Tecra Z50-A, Portege Z30-A, Portege R30-A, Tecra Z40-A, Tecra Z40t-A, Tecra W50-A, Portege Z30T-A, Satellite Pro R50-B, Toshiba WT10-A, Toshiba WT10PE-A, Portege Z20T-B, Portege Z30-B, Portege Z30T-B, Tecra C50-B, Tecra Z40-B, Tecra Z40T-B, Satellite Pro R50-C, Satellite Pro A50-C, Tecra A50-C, Satellite Pro A30-C, Satellite Pro A30T-C, Portege Z20T-C, Portege Z30T-C, Portege Z30-C, Satellite Pro R40-C, Satellite Pro A40-C, Tecra C50-C, Portege A30-C, Portege A30T-C, Toshiba WT12PE-A, Toshiba DYNAPAD WT12PE-A, Toshiba WT20-B, Tecra Z50-C, Tecra Z40-C, Tecra Z40T-C, Tecra A40-C, Portege WT20-C, Portege X20W-D, Portege A30-D, Portege A30T-D, Satellite Pro A30-D, Satellite Pro A30T-D, Tecra A40-D, Tecra A50-D, Tecra Z50-D, Satellite Pro A50-D, Satellite Pro R50-D, Satellite Pro A40-D, Satellite Pro R40-D, Portege X30-D, Tecra X40-D, dynaEdge DE-100, dynaEdge DE-100, Dynaedge DE, Dynaedge DE, Tecra X40-E, Portege X30-E, Satellite Pro A50-E, Satellite Pro R50-E, Tecra Z50-E, Tecra A50-E, Portege X20W-E, Portege Z30-E, Portege X30T-E, Dynabook A55-E
 Model No.:
PT330E, PT331E, PT235E, PT234R, PT234E, PT331F, PT235F, PT235V, PT234V, PT331V, PT330V, PT333E, PT236E, PT334R, PT332R, PT234F, PT235R, PT332E, PT237E, PT133E, PT132E, PT131E, PT134E, PT63NE, PT634E, PT133R, PT331R, PT330R, PT131V, PT131R, PT144E, PT141E, PT544E, PT143E, PT545E, PT142E, PT243E, PT343E, PT644E, PT241E, PT44GE, PT645E, PT641E, PT640E, PT341E, PT330F, PT132V, PT64NE, PT241V, PT245R, PT544R, PT44FE, PT141V, PT640V, PT449V, PT44GV, PT24AE, PT544V, PT24CE, PT243V, PT540E, PT344E, PT644V, PT44FV, PT343V, PT449E, PT64QE, PT444E, PSSG0E, PSSG1E, PT24CV, PDW0BE, PT449F, PT44GF, PT540F, PT545F, PT645F, PT241F, PT640F, PT141F, PT545V, PDW0DE, PT44FF, PT243F, PSSG2E, PT15AE, PT253E, PSSG4V, PT45FE, PSSG5V, PT45GE, PT15BE, PSSG3E, PT251E, PT343F, PT644F, PDW0BV, PS562E, PT45GV, PT142V, PT645V, PS564E, PSSG6E, PS56JE, PT253V, PS56AE, PT15BV, PT459V, PT45FV, PT15AV, PS56CE, PSSG6V, PT459F, PT253F, PT45FF, PT251V, PT454E, PSSG6F, PT45GF, PT251F, PS56HE, PS56DE, PS569E, PT361E, PT16BE, PT261E, PS461E, PT263E, PT16AE, PS561V, PS563V, PT540V, PT363E, PS56ME, PT365E, PDW0JE, PS56HV, PT15CE, PT571E, PS57DE, PS575E, PT465E, PS57HE, PT463E, PS57BE, PS579E, PS463E, PT461E, PT573E, PS465E, PT461V, PS565V, PT577E, PS571E, PT16CE, PRT13E, PRT12E, PS57EE, PT385E, PT383E, PT381E, PS485E, PS589E, PT583E, PT581E, PS58BE, PS585E, PS581E, PT463V, PS481E, PT263V, PS483E, PT465V, PT261V, PT274E, PT272E, PT472E, PS576E, PS572E, PS586E, PT474E, PT382E, PS57HV, PT16BV, PS465V, PT16AV, PS463V, PT363V, PT571V, PS582E, PZC54E, PS486E, PS482E, PT254E, PT264E, PS464E, PS57AE, POC11E, POC10E, PS57KE, PT482E, PT484E, PT282E, PS595E, PS591E, PT591E, PT284E, PS599E, PRT22E, PRT23E, PT593E, PT293E, PT291E, PS59BE, PT17CE, PS59ME, PT17AE, PS59AE
 Operating System:
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Support information related to recent disclosed security vulnerabilities affecting dynabook PC products.


Summary of recent disclosed security vulnerabilities affecting dynabook PC products. 

For details please refer to the document(s) in the resolution section.

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Support information related to recent disclosed security vulnerabilities affecting dynabook PC products.

  • Summary

  • Additional documents

Last modified: May 24, 2019


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