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BIOS Setting Tool and Supervisor Registration Utility to manage settings of client computers BIOS


IT administrators try to find easy and quick solutions to manage the settings of the client computers' BIOS. The BIOS Setting Tool (based on WMI interface) and the Supervisor Registration Utility offer a simple way to access the BIOS.


The BIOS Setting Tool and the Supervisor Registration Utility enables the administrator to set and change a Supervisor and other passwords, to read and write all BIOS settings, restrict the use of specific devices and limit the ability to boot from specific devices.

Resolution (short):

BIOS Setting Tool

Tools to make changes to the BIOS Settings on Toshiba / Dynabook computers from within Windows. There are GUI and Command Line versions, with 32 and 64 bit versions of each. Instructions are included in the zip file.


Supervisor Registration Utility

This utility can be used by a Supervisor to add, remove or change the Supervisor password and also restrict the use of specific devices or limit the ability to boot from specific devices.


CMD (Command Line) Tools

Functions are similar to above tools. 32-bit and 64-bit based executeables, which can be used directly from command line. Output and input are simple textfiles. Please see notes at the end of this document.


Resolution (detailed):

BIOS Setting Tool Download

Supervisor Registration Utility

      • General Precautions
        • For both tools the User Guide is contained in the zip - file. Before using the tools, please read the documents thoroughly.
        • The tools have been developed by Toshiba / Dynabook for the specific use of its business customers, and only for supported Toshiba / Dynabook models
        • The tools should only be used by the appropriate system administrator
        • Toshiba / Dynabook is not responsible for problems which may occur



CMD (Command Line) Tools (32-bit / 64-bit) Download


      • CMD (Command Line) Tools Note
          • Admin user rights required
          • Run with option "/r=readbiossettings.txt" and "/w=writebiossetings.txt"
          • To set BIOS settings (write option), encoded (scrambled) BIOS password is required. To encode passwords, use https://www.biospw.com/tsb/encoder/

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