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Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba Notebook?

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Many customers would like to upgrade/replace the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and/or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in their mobile systems to gain performance.


Toshiba does not support or recommend performing modifications on their mobile systems since the core components in these mobile systems are not upgradeable like in a desktop system. 


These components were aligned to work with the best possible performance in conjunction with low power consumption and quiet operation.

GPU: In all cases the GPU is soldered on the system board and cannot be exchanged.

CPU: The CPU is in almost all cases "socketed" which means the CPU is removable from the system board, which does not mean that the part should be exchanged/upgraded or modified by the customer.

A replacement of that system core component only will be made during a repair in an authorized service center if the component is defective and needs to be replaced. In a case of a defective CPU, it will be replaced with the same part and not with a higher type.


Why an exchange should/can not be performed:

  • No significant performance will be gained  (Comparison -> price vs. performance)
  • It is uncertain if the new CPU is compatible to the system board. The built-in chipsets may support from their technical specifications a wide range of CPUs but this does not imply that all CPU types can be used in a mobile system since the built-in cooling systems were designed individually for each model series to ensure the optimal operation of the machine. A wrong CPU can cause the system to overheat and damage some of the internal system components.
  • In most cases the BIOS does not work with the replaced CPU which causes the machine to malfunction. The BIOS must be rewritten after every exchange of a CPU which can be only performed by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
  • The immediate revocation of the warranty will be applied if some of the core component were modified by the customer. This applies also when the machine was not disassembled by a Toshiba Certified Engineer.


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