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Solution to reduce Fan Utilization (Noise) for Portege X20W-D and X20W-E


Users may notice one or more of the following symptoms when working with Portege X20W-D and X20W-E series:


Cooling fan utilization is higher than expected and
fan noise might be disturbing


Fan may cycles on and off frequently

Resolution (short):

Improved thermal control parameters reducing cooling fan utilization, but also strengthen performance at power saving mode, have been implemented for Portege X20W-D and Portege X20W-E convertibles.

    Please read below instructions carefully and apply necessary requirements



   Update of PC's BIOS
     | Version information below

   Changing Windows power plan settings
     | Power plan setting value information below

Resolution (detailed):

    BIOS Update information
             Please update the BIOS to below version or later

            Portege X20W-D (PRT12E, PRT13E)       BIOS V3.20 (EC,KBC V2.00)
           Portege X20W-E (PRT22E, PRT23E)      BIOS V2.10 (EC,KBC V1.20)


                Click to download latest BIOS                               

    Required changes of Windows power plan

             Please apply following Windows power plan settings, which are necessary to reduce fan utilization

1.)  Download and and apply required BIOS version

2.)  Right click on Battery icon of Task Tray and select "Power Options"


3.)  Choose "Change Plan settings" of the current selected plan

4.)  Next, click "Change advanced power settings"

5.)    Change Cooling Method from "High Performance" to "Power Saver" 
         for both modes ("On battery" and "Plugged in")





 There is also the possibility to change the settings via the BIOS Setup:

        However, please keep in mind that Windows power plan settings overwrite BIOS Setup changes!


How to change settings via BIOS Setup:

  Restart the unit and access the BIOS setup by pressing "F2" key
       Check if required BIOS version has been successfully applied.

Portege X20W-D BIOS Setup (example)

 2.)  Next, select Power Management on the left side in the BIOS setup. 
        Scroll down to  the bottom of the page and enter BIOS Power Management.

 3.)  Set following BIOS Power Management values to adopt improved 
        thermal control parameters:

BIOS Setup - Power Management page

   4.)  Save the settings by pressing the "F10" key and restart the PC.


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