Troubleshooting Document

Harddisk (HDD) Troubleshooting



  • HDD has no function/no access

    1. Verify the HDD is properly installed and compatible to the machine you are using.
    2. Check the BIOS if the HDD is properly recognized and enabled. Update your BIOS to the latest version, because some newer HDD could sometimes not be recognized by a machine due to an old BIOS.
    3. Check the boot order in your BIOS if the HDD is available and make sure the HDD is booting before any other boot devices.
    4. If possible, plug the HDD in another machine and check if you encounter the same error.
    5. If the HDD does make some strange noises and you cannot get access, then your drive has definitively a hardware failure and needs to be replaced.

  • HDD has read/write errors

    1. Sometimes a virus can be a reason for read/write errors. Check with a virus scanner if a virus causes harm to the system.
    2. A corrupted file system can cause read/write errors. Use the windows error checking tool in the drive properties and make a file system check.
    3. Bad sectors on a HDD can cause read/write errors. To check your HDD on bad sectors, search on the internet for such tools and check your drive if possible. Otherwise bring your machine to a local authorised service partner.   
    4. They will check the drive on possible errors.

  • Noisy HDD

    1. If the HDD makes loud noises, regardless which kind of noises, your drive has probably some serious mechanical problems. These noises can be bad sectors, a defective motor or some other faults of your HDD.
    2. At this point you must backup your data if possible before the drive fails completely; otherwise you will lose all data stored on that HDD. You have to bring your machine to an ASP for a hardware checkup.

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