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Sound Troubleshooting



  • No Sound

    1. Make sure you have latest bios version installed.
    2. Try to adjust your volume with the volume control on your case (if available) and in the "Volume Control" of Windows. Some notebooks have  a key combination (FN-xx) instead of an external volume regulator to regulate the sound volume. In this case please check the user manual which key combination is needed for volume regulation.
    3. Make sure that sound was not accidentally muted or the soundcard was not disabled in the "Device manager" of the "System Properties". Try to re-enable/un-mute it by software or with the key combination "Fn-ESC" if possible.
    4. Check in the sound properties, if the correct output device (e.g. speakers, headphones, digital/optical out, HDMI) was selected. In some cases you have to set the correct output device manually.
    5. Try to remove the soundcard from the "Device Manager" and reinstall it. Update the soundcard drivers and the software to the latest version. (Uninstall every sound related software and drivers before installing a newer version!).
    6. Try to connect some headphones to the headphone jack of the machine to check whether the system speakers are faulty or not.
    7. If the problem persists, reinstall your operating system, update all drivers and try to regain sound with "factory-preinstalled" settings.

  • No sound from built-in speakers

    1. Firstly perform the step "No sound".
    2. Check if you have multimedia applications running which offer an option to mute explicitely the speakers or the global system volume. Try to un-mute the volume in these applications or uninstall them from the operating system.
    3. Connect earphones to the headphone jack. If you can hear a sound, the speakers are probably faulty.

  • No sound from headphones

    1. Check if the sound system is working properly by performing the step "No sound".
    2. If no sound is audible from the attached headphones, cross-check these headphones on a different sound device. Should the problem persist then your headphones are probably faulty and you should replace them with new pair.
    3. Check your headphone jack with headphones which were verified working properly. If the problem persists, your headphone jack is probably malfunctioning.

  • Crackling sound, noise, odd sound output
    1. If the sound is crackling, noisy or behaving odd, try to turn the volume down; a high volume of the sound output can cause trouble in the sound ouput.
    2. Check if some electronic devices (e.g. cell phone, radio, microwave, etc.) are standing close to the machine. These electronic devices can cause crackling noise which is audible trough your system speakers/headphones.
    3. Check if some sound enhancing plugins are activated in the sound properties of the output device. They can cause a different sound output which sometimes results in distorted/noisy/quiet/modfied sound output.
    4. Check the "Toshiba power saving" settings. Sometimes the soundcard is set to a powersaving state which results in crackling/noisy sound output. 
    5. Crackling sound which is coming out from the system speakers can be caused by a defective speaker membrane. If you use headphones and hear a crackling sound or noise, then check first if your headphones are working properly. Try to attach other headphones and check if the problem persists.
    6. Noisy sound can also be caused by a ground loop ->  
    7. Update all drivers of your operating system. Check the Toshiba Support Website for a driver update:

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