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Recovery Troubeshooting



Recovery can not be performed

  1. If you encounter an error before/during a recovery from CD/DVD try first to format the harddisk drive manually. If the format fails, then refer to the "HDD Troubleshooting Guide".
  2. If the HDD was verified working properly and the recovery fails anyway to start, then check if you can boot properly from CD-ROM and refer to the "CD/DVD Troubleshooting Guide".
  3. In case the hardware is working properly, make sure the recovery media is clean, without scratches and not warped due to heat influence. Replace the recovery media if possible with a working one, to exclude a media-based error.
  4. If the recovery process of your machine is HDD-based then make sure you did not delete all partitions on the harddisk drive or formatted the harddisk drive manually; the recovery data will be lost and you would not be able to recover your machine. If you didnīt deleted or formatted the drive, the reason for the problem could be either a corrupted filesystem a corrupted recovery files or a faulty harddisk drive.
  5. In case you encounter an error during a recovery from harddisk drive (by pressing F8 during the windows startup and choosing the "recovery" option) please try to recover the machine with the media created by the "Toshiba Recovery CD creator" (if such a media was created).

Error during recovery process

  1. If the recovery process stops/aborts every time at the same position, then replace firstly the recovery media to verify you are recovering from a properly working media.
  2. If the error still persists then probably the harddisk drive or the CD/DVD could be faulty. In this case refer to the troubleshooting guides for HDD or CD/DVD or bring your machine to an auothorised service partenr for checkup and repair.

System failure after completed recovery

  1. Make sure you recovered the system with the appropriate recovery media for your machine. Contact an ASP for further assistance if unsure and get the right recovery media version which is exactly for your computer.
  2. Update your bios to the newest available version to verify the system is up-to-date and try to recover the system again.
  3. If any external peripherals are attached to your computer, then remove everything (undock the machine if attached to a docking station) and check if it works. If not you can either refer to the "Bootup Troubleshooting Guide" or bring the machine to an authorised service partner for a hardware checkup and repair.

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