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How to recover the Toshiba WT8 / Encore tablet from a created recovery media

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Windows 8.1 - 32 Bit
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If you encounter issues with your Toshiba WT8 / Encore tablet and it is not possible to reset it via the Windows 8.1 reset function, you must follow the below steps to recover the device from your recovery media.

A detailed description about how to create a recovery media can be found in the device manual.


1. Preparing the device

You have to connect the USB-OTG cable to your WT8 / Encore and plug in the recovery media (USB flash device) before booting it! *

*sample setup

 2. Booting to the boot device menu

A: Press and hold the Vol+ button
B: Press and hold also the power button until the device turns on and the boot device selection menu appears.

Select the USB Memory device aka recovery device


3. The recovery process 

Choose your keyboard layout regarding to your language.

 Now select the option "Troubleshoot".

 In the next menu  select the "Reset your PC" option to configure the recovery process.


 Now choose the option "Yes, repartition the drives". Choose this option to avoid further problems after the recovery process has finished.

 Confirm by selecting "Reset" to start the recovery process.

 It may take some time until your device is set to the factory defaults. When the counter has reached 100% the process has finished.


Appendix in case of a problem!

Attention! If you will receive below error message, some serious issues with one or more of the device partitions have been found.


Please turn off the WT8 / Encore and start from the beginning. Follow the steps below to reorganize the partitions and prepare them
for the recovery process.

When you're at this point, please choose the "Toshiba Maintenance Utility" instead of "Reset your PC"!

 Select the first option "Delete all data and partitions from the hard disk" and proceed.

 Please confirm that you want to start the SSD preparation.


 Select "Finish" and start over with the recovery process.

Repeat all steps of the recovery procedure, select again "Yes, repartition the drives".
Now the process should move to the next step and the recovery should work properly.


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