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Dynabook Device Access Control Utility to restrict or limit use of specific devices (V3.6.1.0)


This dynabook Device Access Control Utility can be used by a Supervisor to restrict the use of specific devices or limit the ability to boot from specific devices

On most devices, if the PC is powered up with supervisor privileges, the user can use the device or boot from the device without being affected by this utility. Please refer to Limitations when starting with supervisor authority for details.

Resolution (short):


Before being able to use the dynabook Device Access Control, it is necessary to do the following steps:

  1. Verify that the PC model supports the Device Access Control functions.
  2. Register a supervisor password. This can be done by using the dynabook Settings Utility. For details, please refer to your Computer's Users manual.


Powering on with Supervisor Privileges

To boot the PC with supervisor privileges, follow these steps:

  • Power on while pressing the [Ins] key.
  • When the following prompt appears, enter the supervisor password or insert the supervisor token.

    Note: Instead of "Supervisor Password =", some PC models show "Password =". In either case, enter the supervisor password.


Enabling or Disabling I/O Devices and Boot Devices

The following section explains how to enable or disable each I/O device or boot device.

  1. Launch dynabook Device Access Control V3 and click "Continue".

  2. When prompted, enter the supervisor password.

  3. For each device, set it to either "Enable" or "Disable". If "Activate Device Access Control settings" is selected, the main window will be displayed as shown below. (The devices listed will depend on the PC model.)

    If "Activate Device Access Control settings" is deselected, all devices are enabled and Device Access Control settings cannot be changed. In this case, the main window is displayed as shown below. (Again, the devices listed will depend on the PC model.)

    Note: When "Activate Device Access Control settings" is selected, items in BIOS Setup are limited.
    Device Access Control settings become ineffective when you:
    Permit the use of dynabook Settings or BIOS SETUP using the "Supervisor Password" utility OR Permit the use of HWSetup or BIOS SETUP using the "Password Utility". In this state, Device Access Control settings are all permitted except the "Optical Disc Drive" setting, the "PC Card slot" setting, and the "USB device" setting. There may be other inconsistencies in these settings that may cause unexpected results.

  5. After changing device settings, click "OK". Enter the supervisor password when prompted.

  6. Shut down the system to apply the changes to Device Access Control settings.

    When "Turn on fast startup" is enabled in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, settings do not become effective until Windows is shut down. In this case, please be sure to shut down by choosing "Yes".


Applying a policy file


Supported devices

Dynabook Device Access Control V3 supports the following devices, however, these devices are model dependent and may not be available on all systems.

  • I/O devices


    For more details about Supported Devices (e.g. Optical Disc Drive, USB device settings, please refer to the help, which can be opened within the Device Access Control Utility application.


Boot devices

"Settings for boot devices" can be used to specify whether each device can be used to boot the PC. The boot device setting is enabled only when any of the dependent devices is enabled.


Limitations applicable when the PC is started with supervisor authority

Even when the PC is started with supervisor authority, the following devices are controlled by the settings in this utility. Other devices can be used normally or can be used to boot the system without being controled by this utility.

Optical Disc Drive in "I/O Devices"
PC card slot in "I/O Devices"
USB device in "I/O Devices"


If a disabled device is inserted

If a device other than the registered devices is inserted while only registered devices (PC card slots and USB devices) are enabled, the following message is displayed.

For any other information like Version check, Uninstallation, Error messages please refer to the help,
which can be opened within the Device Access Control Utility application.

Resolution (detailed):

Dynabook Device Access Control V3
TCH0554900E  -  Version:


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