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panic.gif 2018-07-05 HTD How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks
panic.gif 2018-01-19 TSB Requirements for using 4GB of main memory
panic.gif 2017-05-29 HTD How to identify the built-in wireless lan card and the installed driver version with the Toshiba PC diagnostic tool.
very_important.gif 2019-06-06 TSB Security Vulnerability Summary affecting dynabook products
very_important.gif 2018-03-13 HTD How to identify an unknown device (e.g. Wireless LAN module)?
very_important.gif 2017-10-26 TSB Potential vulnerability in Infineon TPM (Trusted Platform Module) used in Toshiba notebook products
very_important.gif 2017-04-20 TSB Recovery Media Creator might not be pre-installed
very_important.gif 2017-02-07 TSB Windows Live Mail and / or Windows Live Messenger cannot run on Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
very_important.gif 2017-02-01 TSB The Wireless LAN Adapter does not work anymore after changing from AC power to battery mode.
very_important.gif 2016-08-17 TSB Intermittend hang up or freeze of your machine (with possible high rotation FAN) under Windows 7 - 32 Bit / 64 Bit
important.gif 2019-06-11 HTD How to disable / enable the Power On function via Panel Open under Windows 8
important.gif 2019-05-24 FAQ I have difficulties to charge my battery to 100%. What could be the problem?
important.gif 2019-04-04 HTD How to handle bad sectors on a harddisk?
important.gif 2019-02-25 FAQ Why does my notebook lose 2 - 4% of Its battery power each time I switch the unit off and then back on again
important.gif 2018-11-22 FAQ How do I delete a UEFI (BIOS) Password if I have forgotten it?
important.gif 2018-10-31 FAQ What is a Precision Touchpad on Windows PCs?
important.gif 2018-10-29 FAQ What is HDD Protection?
important.gif 2018-10-26 FAQ Can I upgrade the HDD or SSD of my Toshiba notebook?
important.gif 2018-09-24 FAQ What can I do if my computer will not Power On?
important.gif 2018-09-11 TSB Main Battery may not start to charge after long time of storage - TSB